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How Does Financial Planning Work?

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Financial Planning is an ongoing process where we aim to understand your life, and your money and then we work together to connect your money to your life.

We start by creating a single picture of your entire financial life, that shows how the pieces fit together; a financial map. 

The next step is a process to identify your goals and create a vision for this new and exciting phase of your life; Your Best Retirement. 

Strategies for achieving the goals are developed, preferred approaches are selected from the available alternatives, and then we help you to implement your plan. A plan document on a shelf will not achieve your goals.

Ongoing support ensures that you stay on track, and allows for any needed adjustments as you implement your plan.

You will find everything in one place on your personal financial website through our planning software, Right Capital. The website give you access to Net Worth, Goals, Income Sources, Expenses, Taxes, Investments, Estate Plan & a secure document vault to store your important documents. 

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How Does Investment Management Work?

Client Centered

An investment management plan will be tailored to your specific needs and goals, which is why it works best as part of a comprehensive financial plan.  

Together we will create an investment plan that helps you to achieve your goals, and supports your lifestyle, while also letting you sleep well at night. 

We will develop an asset allocation strategy, and specific investment portfolio recommendations, that are designed to achieve your goals.

We will implement your Investment Strategy and keep it on track for you.  

Financial Planning


Retirement Income Planning

Social Security

Medicare Planning

Tax Planning

Healthcare Planning

Estate Planning

Tax Planning

Tax Return Review

Tax Sensitive Investing

Review of Cost Basis

Capital Gain / Loss Harvesting

Qualified Charitable Distributions

Roth IRA Conversions

Tax Location & Allocation Strategies

Keeping up with changes to Tax Laws

Investment Management

Risk Assessment

Portfolio Development

Asset Allocation

Tax Sensitive Rebalancing

Investment Management

Safe Withdrawal Strategies

Cash Management

Ongoing Services

Life happens.  Inevitably your plan will require changes over time. Whether due to changing markets or tax legislation, changing goals, or changes to your health, your plan will need to evolve.  We are with you every step of the way monitoring and collaborating with you to keep your plan on track.

Ongoing Service and Support
Stable Income Sources AlternativesMedicare Plan OptionsCash Management
Portfolio Withdrawal Strategy ReviewRebalancing of Investment PortfoliosHome Equity Management
Annual Tax PlanningLong Term Care Needs & Funding OptionsLife Insurance Needs Analysis
Social Security Claiming StrategiesPension Payout OptionsEstate Plan and Beneficiary Review
Roth ConversionsQualified Charitable DistributionsProactive Aging Plan

How Much Does It Cost?


After an initial engagement fee that ranges from $1500 to $2500 we charge 0.6% of assets under advisement, with a minimum annual fee of $9000. Investment Management is included with Comprehensive Financial Planning. There is no minimum asset requirement. We do not charge any other fees. Clients may pay the annual fee in monthly or quarterly installments. You may choose to have fees deducted directly from your investment accounts under our management at TD Ameritrade or Charles Schwab or to pay via bank ACH transfer or credit card.  You will find that most advisors charge between 1% and 2%. We work hard to manage our operating costs so that we can provide outstanding service for a reasonable fee. 


less than $1,500,000$9,000
above $1,500,0000.6% of Asset Value

Fixed-Term Retirement Roadmap Package

For clients who may not be ready to begin an ongoing financial planning relationship, North Haven Financial offers a Fixed-Term Retirement Roadmap package. This service can be a good way for you to test the waters and determine if an ongoing retirement planning relationship is right for you. This package will provide a step-by-step retirement roadmap that you can implement yourself.  After signing an advisory agreement, we will meet up to three times to answer questions, gather data, analyze your situation, and discuss alternatives. After we have decided on a plan of action, we will provide a checklist for you to follow to implement your plan. The retirement roadmap package expires after three months. After your package has expired you can implement your retirement plan on your own, begin an ongoing financial planning relationship, or initiate a new package as needed. The fee for the Retirement Roadmap package is $5000. 

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. |  (207) 558-2138