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Client Engagement Standards

Our purpose is to provide the best financial planning possible and to build excellent long-term relationships with our clients. We believe that the secret to any successful relationship is to have clear expectations from the beginning. We ask that you read the tenets by which we operate, what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you, as our client. 

I. Financial Planning is an ongoing process involving: goal-setting, cash flow planning, risk management, investment management, asset preservation, healthcare planning, tax planning, and estate planning. Simply put – comprehensive financial planning is a process where we aim to understand your life, and your money; then we work together to connect your money to your life.

II. Good communication is critical for a mutually beneficial relationship.

III. We employ a systematic approach to achieve thoroughness and efficiency in providing comprehensive financial life planning services.

IV. A great plan requires a time commitment from you as well as from us.

V. We believe in a disciplined, evidence-based investment approach. We do not try to time the market. We do not try to “beat the market”. Our Investment Philosophy document provides a detailed explanation of our approach.

VI. We enjoy working with great people who appreciate the true value of our services.

VII. Everyone should have the opportunity to live a great life. Our goal is to help people achieve this.

VIII. We operate on a fiduciary standard, which means our duty is to serve your interests first. We are compensated only by client fees, which we fully disclosed to you. We receive no compensation from any entity other than you. Our fees are all inclusive and are calculated 

IX. We commit to always strive to do our best on your behalf. We strive to bring the best ideas in the financial industry to our clients. We participate in regular continuing education to stay current with industry thought leaders on financial planning strategies that work.

I. We look at all aspects of your life to create an ongoing financial plan that reflects your priorities, values, and resources, as well as uncovers your opportunities.

II. We assist you all along the way with the implementation of your plan. We monitor your plan regularly to make certain that all parts stay relevant and updated.

III. We keep all your information confidential, safe and secure. Our client portal and office systems employ advanced security features to protect your data. We share information, if granted by you, only as needed with attorneys, accountants, and other professionals with whom you may be working, in order to effect services, quote coverage, or review accounting, insurance, and/or legal service options.

IV. We strive to respond to all phone calls within one business day and emails within three business days. We will inform you of any short-term deviations from this policy.

V. We have regular meetings designed to keep us both up to date. Regular meetings create an opportunity to discuss changes in your situation, that you may not even realize are relevant to your financial plan. We will review each of the topics below at least once a year. Opportunities identified may be covered in meetings, emails or phone calls.
a. Goals and Retirement Plan projections,
b. Account Withdrawal Policies and cash flow planning
c. Tax planning opportunities
d. Investments and your Investment Policy
e. In addition, we address any issues of concern to you throughout the year.

VI. We hold client meetings Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 8am and 5pm eastern time. Exceptions will be made for emergencies. We do not hold client meetings on weekends.

VII. We will manage your investment accounts based on an investment policy that we have discussed and agreed upon with you in advance. We believe discipline and diversification are the key investment principles needed to help create long term wealth and financial security. We work with clients that appreciate this approach. We understand that some clients may want to direct their own investment decisions, and we accept that these clients are not a good fit for our firm.

I am willing to participate in the Financial Planning process as described above on a continuing basis, and agree to at least one virtual meeting per year. I understand that each part of the process is interdependent and requires information and participation from me. I am willing to delegate the implementation and monitoring of my financial plan to Mike Rauth and North Haven Financial, LLC (NHF). I understand that if I act without Mike's input or knowledge, this may affect his ability to provide appropriate advice. I am hiring NHF to help me enjoy life more fully, and part of this process is to let Mike help me to the best of his professional abilities. I agree to be responsive to emails and phone calls within a reasonable period of time. Many financial planning issues are time sensitive, especially tax items.

I agree to provide requested data and documents in a timely fashion.

I agree to receive and provide documents electronically either via e-mail or the Client Portal for sensitive information. I understand that Mike Rauth and NHF only works with clients that agree with the NHF investment philosophy and I will allow Mike to manage my investment accounts. Mike will not have custody of my investment accounts. They will be held at a third-party custodian. (For example, TD Ameritrade) I understand that all request for distributions from or contributions to my accounts may be communicated verbally but must be confirmed by email. I understand that Mike Rauth and NHF take full responsibility for any errors they might make. I agree to make Mike aware of any errors as soon as they are discovered. Mike & NHF will do their best to minimize errors and correct any errors to the best of their ability. We at NHF are committed to living our lives from a place of joy and kindness, and hope to have long-lasting, healthy relationships with all of our clients. I agree that our relationship needs to be reevaluated if we ever stop enjoying working together or respecting one another.

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