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Our Mission

Why North Haven Financial?

Our Mission is to provide the best financial planning possible and to build excellent long-term relationships with our clients. We believe that the secret to any successful relationship is to have clear expectations from the beginning. We value relationships, collaboration, being of service to our clients and to each other. We strive to continue to learn with humility and apply what we know on behalf of our clients. Everyone should have the opportunity to live a great life. Our goal is to help people achieve this.

Our Values We believe in mutual respect, kindness, compassion and integrity & that good communication is critical for a mutually beneficial relationship.  We employ a systematic approach to achieve thoroughness and efficiency in providing comprehensive financial life planning services. A great plan requires a time commitment from you as well as from us. We believe in a disciplined, evidence-based investment approach. We do not try to time the market. We do not try to “beat the market”. Our Investment Philosophy document provides a detailed explanation of our approach. We operate on a fiduciary standard, which means our duty is to serve your interests first. We are compensated only by client fees, which we fully disclosed to you. We receive no compensation from any entity other than you. Our fees are all inclusive and are calculated as a percentage of the assets under advisement for you.

One of our primary goals is to develop a long-term, trusting relationship with you.

Our Process

Our Process

Financial Planning is an ongoing process involving: goal-setting, cash flow & income planning, risk & investment management, healthcare planning, tax planning, and estate planning. Simply put – comprehensive financial planning is a process where we aim to understand your life, and your money; then we work together to connect your money to your life. Key services are Retirement Income Planning, Tax Planning and Investment Management

Our History

Our History

We founded North Haven Financial LLC in 2015 and have grown primarily by word of mouth, one client at a time as current clients have shared what we do with friends and family. Over this time we have developed a specialization in retirement planning with an emphasis on creating tax-efficient stable income solutions. Additional information about comprehensive financial plan services can be found on the services page.

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